The company was established in 2015 to develop electrical propulsion solutions thereby the name THRUSTME.
Our main goal was to make electrical products for the sports – and outdoor industry to make activities such as paddling more safe, more accessible and more fun.

On a side note: the professional ROV industry recognized our products, and we make deliveries of our powerful Thruster to companies in this field.

The vision of the company is to produce products with a cool and smart design, lightweight and solutions that simplify the use of electrical means.
The team has over 20 years of experience from the Subsea and aviation industry and we are well equipped with knowledge and now how for the technical challenges in the future

Stay tuned. More cool products are under development and to be launched soon!


KJARTAN jensen


Kjetil fedde

partner / R&D Manager

ASbjørn vagle

director / finance-marketing

Jon d. gjerstad

director / technical advisor

Kenan Buhic

WEB & Marketing

Sergej Panfilov

WEB & Marketing