We Introduce To You

The THRUSTME Products

The Cruiser and the thruster are two products that have been under development for three years and are now ready to become yours.
The Cruiser is an electrical motor weighing only 3 Kg with the battery included, making it easy to fit on most floating devices. It’s controlled with a remote, making it for an easier and more enjoyable trip for you.



Weight : 3,0 kg
Motor : Brushless
Thrust : 12 Kg Forward / 10 Kg Reverse
Battery : Rechargeable Li-io 18,5 V 14Ah
Controller : Snap On/Off Remote
Emergency stop : Magnetic
Color : Black / Gray
Running time /w internal battery : Up To 4 hours
* (Optional)  /w external battery pack : Additional 4 hours
Charging time : 4 Hours / 230 V Charger Included


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Changing the <strong>game</strong>

In a matter of seconds you can attach the cruiser to almost any floating device, without doing any changes or damage in terms of drilling to the bodywork of your device.

After use only rinse in fresh water and charge the battery.

Bring it, mount it, enjoy it.