The <strong>THRUSTPACK</strong>

Have a deeper look into what the Thrustpack has to offer.

The <strong>CRUISER</strong>

Explore the rivers and waters with this innovative product, designed for you.

The <strong>TEAM</strong>

Are you wondering who the team behind the products are? Read more about us!

The <strong>Idea</strong>

Every great thing starts with an idea. Given the fact that the entrepreneurs behind these products are educated pilots, they wanted to create a product that gave them the same satisfaction. After years of planning and engineering, they have found a combo that works well for everyone, everywhere.

The <strong>Response</strong>

People who have tried the product are ecstatic. Some of the people who have tested the products will be featured on television to tell their experience. Take a look at what Norway’s biggest business newspaper wrote about us, here. (Norwegian)

Have <strong>Fun</strong>

Now it is soon time for the party to start. We have a long list of clients who are waiting for the THRUSTPACK to be released Q3/Q4 2018.
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Weight : 10 kg
Motors : 4 Electric ducted fans
Thrust : 30 kg
Battery : Litium 44,4 V (Replaceable)
Color : Black
Battery Time 50% : 20 – 30 min
Charging time : 6 Hours ( Standard Charging )


Weight : 3 kg
Motor : Brushless
Thrust : 6 Kg Forward / 4 kg Reverse
Battery : Lithium Ion 18,5 V
Controller : On the display & Remote Control
Emergency stop : Magnetic
Color : Black / Gray
Running time /w internal battery : 1-2 hours
* (Optional)  /w external battery pack : Additional 2 hours
Charging time : 4 Hours / 230 V Charger Included

The Thrustpack in action

Take a quick look at how the product operates at its current stage.

The Cruiser in action

Take a look at how the product operates in its current stage.


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