The Early
Stages & Mindset

Kenan Buhic
“The first, best move is to start.”

The power of just starting is something that truly cannot be underestimated. How many times have you said to yourself that you were going to start with an idea you were so hyped with, but never actually followed through? Read our first article to get a brief overview on how we started and how we evolved.

Just to give you a little understanding ; things take time. This product was not an “overnight” success like “many”
of the Social Media articles you have been seing being posted around every now and then.
We took the other route. The original route. Hours upon hours, days causing nights, and nights
turning slowly back to days, we hustled.

That’s the key word ; hustle. And the best part of it? We aren’t even done. We’ve just started.
It does sound cliche, I – the writer – know, but it’s just the reality, and the sooner
you realise this, you get that much closer to achieving something you want.
We did it, and we believe we achieved something we wanted.
The product that will change
the way you percieve “fun”.
Remember when you first got your drivers license, and sat down in your dad’s
expensive, powerful car. You know, the one with the extra horsepowers, giving you a sense of
euphoria every time you gave it a little more power than necessary? You remember that feeling – and we at
Thrustme have recreated it. A specially designed stylish backpack equiped with Electro Fans which can thrust
you with 300N. It sounds great on paper, and it’s even better in real life.


“The overnight successes you might read here and there, are really not overnight.”
SACRIFICE — There is no gain without the sacrifice. Here we go again, another clichè quote. I know, I’m aware, however, there is so much truth to it. Our lives, since we started Thrustme, might not ever go back to “normal”. For better or for worse, we believe that regret is by far worse than failing at something that you truly believed in. We can now sleep at night, knowing we gave it our best shot – and we’ll keep firing.

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